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Dustin LindenSmith

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great news!

B and I got some really exciting news yesterday afternoon. The results from my second biopsy have come back from the US and Hong Kong, and they're unanimous in their opinion that I have acute mono and NOT lymphoma. I repeat, NOT LYMPHOMA! While I'll have to keep following up with regular CT scans over the coming months to verify that everything is on the right track, for now, we're taking this for the great news that it is and officially moving on.

How lovely.

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jjjiii September 16th, 2004
That's great news.

iamom September 16th, 2004
Thanks, man.

vyoma September 16th, 2004
Glad to hear it's not cancer. Normally, I wouldn't congratulate someone on having acute mono, but everything's relative.

iamom September 16th, 2004
:) Yeah, no shit. Thanks, man.

wildgarden September 16th, 2004
When I read this I felt something melt and relax under my breastbone. I am happy for you.

iamom September 16th, 2004
That's so sweet! Thank you very much. :) :)

hai_kah_uhk September 16th, 2004
Wow! That's wonderful! What a relief. I know it's kind of odd that I feel quite this relieved, but I do. I've grown to really care about you. Funny how that happens, but it does.

Ack, now I'm all teary. But they're good tears.

iamom September 16th, 2004
Aw, geez, that's nice. It makes me feel great to hear you say that. Thanks, Dandy... xxoo

wickenden September 16th, 2004
That is great news.

I'm glad.


iamom September 16th, 2004
Thanks man, I appreciate that.


starskin September 16th, 2004

WOOOOOOOO! *pops champagne*

I think you should take a family trip to Florida to celebrate.

Re: Ahem:

iamom September 16th, 2004
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you live in Florida?

Re: Ahem:

starskin September 16th, 2004
Yes, I do indeed live in Florida. That was one of my reasons for suggesting a visit!

Ooops, is that creepy? I just like visitors. Honest.

Re: Ahem:

iamom September 17th, 2004
Creepy? Don't be ridiculous. It's a great idea. I'd rather come outside of hurricane season, though. :)


gwendy September 16th, 2004
very glad things are ok with you

Re: hurray!

iamom September 17th, 2004
Thanks, sweetheart.

angeldharma September 16th, 2004
What a relief. I'm happy to hear the news!

P.S. I love the icon of your baby girl. It makes me smile. :-)

iamom September 17th, 2004

whipsmart September 16th, 2004
That's incredible..! What wonderful news..!

fireceremony September 16th, 2004

That's fabulous news! What a relief it must be for you and your family. :)) Fantastic!

iamom September 17th, 2004
Thanks -- relief is definitely present.

chaizzilla September 16th, 2004
wuhu! ok, don't forget to fix the mono tho.

iamom September 17th, 2004
Thanks. But, I don't think there's much I can do to fix the mono, is there?

nt September 16th, 2004
Great news! I'm pleased to hear that it's not cancer.

iamom September 17th, 2004
Thanks, Neil. I'm lucky to have gotten that news, for sure.

jaipur September 18th, 2004
Hot diggety!!! That is THE best news!!! Congrats! (so I'm a few days late... :) Wow, what a relief!!

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