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Dustin LindenSmith

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housework as art, or yoga

hai_kah_uhk just posted an entry about zen housework that reminds me of my own philosophy about housework. Since, like her, I don't want to devote too much time or effort to it, I strive for the greatest possible efficiencies I can muster. The end result is a sort of dance of housework; a series of fluid, connected movements that, over a short period of time, produce a sparkling living space.

I've gotten our 1,300-square-foot, 2-storey house down to 60 minutes. In one hour, I can clean the bathroom and kitchen, vacuum the whole house, and wash the bathroom, kitchen and front hall floors. As for the rest, I keep the beds made and toys and books picked up as a matter of course whenever I see something out of place. And I put away each meal's dishes after the meal is finished. It has become a discipline which requires no actual effort.

Christ, that sounds anal. But you gotta admit, it would make me a swell guy to live with! :) I also enjoy cooking.

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wickenden September 16th, 2004
women now are drooling everywhere.

As my partner used to say ... "housework is better than foreplay".


fireceremony September 16th, 2004

All that in just one hour? Man, you're good! ;))

jaipur September 18th, 2004
Geez I live in a 2BR, one-floor apartment and I can't even clean the bathroom thoroughly in an hour! I'm very impressed... :)

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