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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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some possible writing deliverables, plus writing resources in general

Writer's Digest's annual short story competition
Submission Deadline: Wed-1-Dec-2004
Entry Fee: US$12
Length Considerations: 1,500 words or less
Notification Date: 7-Feb-2005

CBC Literary Awards
Submission Deadline: Mon-15-Nov-2004
Entry Fee: CA$20
Length Considerations: 2,000 to 2,500 words
Comments: Unclear if manuscripts are returned with editorial comments. Final judgement date also unclear.

The most widely-read monthly magazines of short crime fiction, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, have published their submission guidelines here:
Length Considerations: usually 2,500 to 8,000 words
Payment: 5 to 8 cents per word
Comments: No criticism provided on returned manuscripts. Response time up to 3 months.

An exhaustive listing of other writing contests is here:

Some of the reader reviews of this book were also interesting to read. One of them advises short story writers not to give up their day jobs, which makes sense in terms of the payment levels from EQMM. At 8 cents per word, a lengthy 8,000-word short story would only net you $640. Not exactly something to make a living off of, to be sure. But I'm not doing this for the bread. I'm just doing it to be read.

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fireceremony October 6th, 2004

Thanks for posting this! Should be useful and challenging.

I feel the same about writing as you. The reward is the expression, not the possibility of making money. There's probably easier ways to make money. Writing seems like something you just have to do, no choice.

a thousand flames stoked into pyres

twistyrodriguez October 6th, 2004
I write every damn chance I get.
its not even something I do to be read, its more what I do to stay alive.
I have this sick little fantasy I pet sometimes late at night.
It is of me, conscious of something, vibrant colors and exaggerated emotion tangled in with living off the shit I spew out for a year. Yep, just one year. Food, rent, chemical vices, and music too good to download, all off the fat of my existence.
This post was a brilliant catalytic manuever.
My eternal gratitude.

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