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Dustin LindenSmith

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bathroom progress report

Originally I'd wanted to get two coats of yellow on today, but I forgot about the extra time required to paint the vanity. These walls used to be a darker, more intense yellow, but when it started peeling we opted for a lighter shade that also matched the shower curtain better.

Since the old paint was oil-based, I scraped the walls and primed them last week before applying the first coat of latex yellow today:

Tomorrow morning I'll roll out the second coat of yellow and then do the final white touch-ups on the tiles that had started peeling. My Stats lecture and tutorial will span the whole afternoon tomorrow, but the bathroom will be painted, re-assembled and cleaned by the end of the day Thursday. Friday I expect I'll do the housecleaning and also try to get in some writing time.

Since my work site is also the only bathroom in the house, I've taken care to keep the disruption of service to a minimum, as it were. I try to be conscientious of that no matter where I'm working in the house, actually. For this project, each night I reattach the light fixture to the wall, I replace the towel racks and towels, I replace the toothbrushes and I sweep or vacuum out the room. If I spill debris on the upstairs hallway carpet, I'll vacuum it before everyone comes home at the end of the day.

The tao, to be true, must be applied to all action. Zen housework, zen projects, zen business, zen writing.

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alostrael1967 October 5th, 2004
Niiice. I love the color. Looking good. Make sure to keep updating please :)

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