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Dustin LindenSmith

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tech article re wi-fi service provision

I've subscribed to this columnist's articles about technology since before the burst. I usually enjoy his top-of-mind yet discriminating insights into emerging technologies that are on the rise.

Most of this article discusses the business case for providing cost-free, broadband wireless access in hotels, airports and other public areas. However, an interesting tool in the form of a mobile, satellite-powered wi-fi broadcast point is also mentioned. It receives the huge downstream speed intrinsic to satellite internet access, yet is small enough to be mounted in a large box on a truck that can be driven almost anywhere without losing signal.

The business opportunity in THAT piece of equipment sounds big to me. The article discusses the tool's potential for relief work in disaster-affected areas, but what about regular businesses, too? Mobile sales or technical support staff? What about alternative or backup network support for larger businesses, even? I wonder.

The article is here:

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iamom October 19th, 2004
When migrating to a pay-per-use system, the onus will have to be on the WISPs (wireless internet service providers) to make it as seamless and convenient as possible. I would envision a national affiliate/subscription program that you pay a reasonable fee for, but that roams with you wherever you go in town or elsewhere. Kind of like cellular phone access now.

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