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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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look, the only thing i have to say about this is that i can't say anything about it. i can't write a goddamned thing about it that hasn't already been mis-said.

and it's nothing personal against any of the words i've read, either. it's just that none of them hold much meaning to me at this time. there are only a few books around that i can open without them lulling me quickly to sleep. and even with the ones that don't lull me to sleep, i can't read them for long periods.

certainly changes one's activities. when someone is accustomed to using and reading words as often as i've been in the past, it does feel different not to want to sit down to write, or to open yet another great book, soaking it all up, letting it simmer inside you, and letting the distilled bits come back out through your own writing. but now, i can't bring myself to do it that much. no judgement (and no matter, really), but my interests are elsewhere. have been for awhile now.

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gwen42 April 27th, 2001
and where is that?

Great books

fewtch April 29th, 2001
The greatest book of all is hidden behind and within the reader of the so-called 'great books' -- which are in actuality fossils, dry and lifeless shells, dusty dinosaur bones. The feeling of wanting to take a long, hot shower is well understood.

You do well to drop archaeology as a 'profession'. Find out where 'elsewhere' lie your interests, and be 'there' only. Anything that isn't utterly absorbed in/as Now isn't worth even an instant of attention.



Re: Great books

iamom May 4th, 2001

I like that.

A-diving I will go...

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