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Dustin LindenSmith

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on the veracity of analysis used in global warming research

This article discusses a methodological breakdown in the manner in which weather data has been analyzed with respect to global warming research. It's a good read, and references an MIT article that discusses the error, as it were, in detail.

I also posted this thread to a research discussion forum to see what the mathematicians in the group think about this. Apparently the type of analysis used (principal component analysis, or PCA) is a fairly straightforward bit of statistics; I'm skeptical that such a fundamental error could occur without having been noticed or double-checked before now.

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chaizzilla October 25th, 2004
reooooowrrrr... i almost posted a rant, but someone took care of the essentials
aready, not to mention made the site you linked to a bunch more interesting...


iamom October 26th, 2004
That guy's rebuttal was sweet. Nobody really bit my bait on the researcher forum I posted it to, though.

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