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Dustin LindenSmith

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early morning-after reflections on the 2004 presidential election

I can only think of one explanation for why Bush wasn't kicked out of office. It's that a damned lot of people must have voted according to something other than common sense and simple reason. For whatever unknowable reasons, these folks didn't feel that his actions during the past four years were wrong, let alone reprehensible. They seem to support him based on what they perceive to be his inner strength and his conviction to stand firmly behind difficult decisions. And they also seem to believe that George W. Bush is keeping America safe from another terrorist attack.

I'm beginning to doubt that he's as stupid as we've all made him out to be. He has quite artfully dodged what by rights should have been a huge backlash against his record of the past four years. He has such a magical persona that he has made millions of people forget about his truly egregious errors in judgement, along with a crushing weakness in critical thinking skills and an utter lack of accountability for his own staggering incompetence as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

(deep breath)

There. Now I feel feel better, having reminded myself that I have all the right answers to this little puzzle.

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twid November 3rd, 2004
it comes down to this: what did Kerry (and the rest of the democratic party) stand for?

- Kerry voted for the war, but then changed his mind about it and attacked Bush for going to war. Bush then did a great job of capitalizing on that fact. Middle america, obviously, didn't want a president like that during wartime.
- Voters of faith, which is a very large number of voters, overwhelmingly went for Bush. Although Kerry is deeply religious, he did a terrible job of expressing that.

Ultimately, I think the dems and Kerry did a terrible job of presenting clear moral guidance and opinions. Like Gore, Kerry seemed more driven by polls, while Bush appeared to speak from his convictions. I think that's what it came down to.

I was hoping for a Kerry win, but I think the democrats are completely rudderless and spineless right now. People talk about having a viable 3rd party. Hell, we need a viable *2nd* party.

starskin November 3rd, 2004
I just want to cry. Expatriation is looming large in my future.

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