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Dustin LindenSmith

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some morning-after-the-morning-after reflections on the election

It's funny. Now that it's over, the election seems inconsequential. You can't say that anything is materially different today than it was two days ago. And I know, that's part of the problem, but really now, how much of a difference could Kerry really have made? It would have been more symbolic than effective at this stage of the game. Obviously Americans need to be even better educated about what a complete jackass George Bush is. (A friend wrote to me yesterday, "...don't ever allow yourself second thoughts about his moronism. This is the C-student who bankrupted two companies and got his first passport after becoming president." Don't know about the passport thing or even how important that is (lots of people just don't need one), but the bankruptcy claims are interesting.)

I'm anxious to see what he'll get up to next, actually. Just watching him speak on TV has a lot of entertainment value as an activity unto itself.

I've been in a bit of a news blackout, but I've heard two interesting bits on CBC Radio today. One, speculation that Clinton will be the democratic presidential candidate for 2008. Hillary Clinton, that is. And two, the results of a poll question that asked, "If an unnamed, imaginary Democratic presidential candidate that was similar to Bill Clinton was on the ticket, how would you vote?" The responses were skewed heavily in favour of the Clinton-esque candidate versus Bush.

As twid so accurately pointed out, you guys need a viable second party to vote for down there. Let alone a viable third party. So, good luck with all that, eh?

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millennialhippy November 4th, 2004
Finally, some reflections on the election that are actually reasonable ;P

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