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Dustin LindenSmith

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excerpt from a conversation with Zoë

So, imagine a two and a half year old girl, who is bubbling over with questions 24 hours a day, and who has this hilarious dramatic upspeak at the ends of her questions.

"Where's Mama?"
"She's at work."
"Is she feel people better?"
"That's right. She's making people feel better."
"Because they're SICK?"
"That's right, because they're sick and they went to the hospital to see a doctor."
"And Mama's a doctor?"
"That's right."
"And Mama's going to fix the PEOPLE??"
"YES!!! Mama's going to FIX the PEOPLE! She's gonna brush them ALL OFF and make them feel BETTER!"

I finally cracked up laughing at that point. For whatever reason, she thinks that the way her mom practices medicine is by brushing them off. I guess if the patients are dirty or dusty, or covered with crumbs or something, they don't feel too good. Having a doctor brush them off makes them feel better.

She's so cute.

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jaipur November 22nd, 2004
hee hee hee--that is TOO cute. :)

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