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Dustin LindenSmith

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gig promo piece?

I've been working up an e-mail advert to tell my friends about a new gig we have, and thought this sounded like a possible promo piece as well. It might be too long.
Atlantic Standard Time, Halifax's premier modern jazz quartet, is unleashing a storm of ambient, funky fury at the resto-bar Seven, on Grafton Street, in downtown Halifax. Each Monday night from 9 to 11, Seven is the place for spinning live jazzphunk improv with The Doctor Chris Elson on keyboards, Adam S. Fine on bass (the "S" is for "So"), Bob Gaudreau on beats and brushes, and Dustin LindenSmith on the tenor saxophone.

As our name suggests, Atlantic Standard Time is a jazz quartet that's hip to its roots in traditional jazz. But make no mistake: our group plays live music in a completely fresh way. We dig music that has a groove, and sometimes that groove is swingin' and sometimes it's funky. You'll hear us play standards, but they're gonna have a beat. And wait till you hear what we have to play over tunes by Radiohead, Sarah Harmer, 50 Cent, and Ron Sexsmith.

Come check it out. You owe it to yourself to hear music this good.

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(Deleted comment)
iamom November 24th, 2004
(smiling) I'm glad you're interested! We don't, however, have any recent recordings of the kind of music we're playing right now. We'll probably put something together later this winter, though. I'll definitely post some stuff online when it's ready.

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