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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe looking up

from The Captain's Verses, by Pablo Neruda

I knew I took this book out of the library for a reason. I haven't had time to read it, and since it's due back soon, I perused it quickly. Read this one:

Do you see these hands? They have measured
the earth, they have separated
minerals and cereals,
they have made peace and war,
they have demolished the distances
of all the seas and rivers,
and yet,
when they move over you,
little one,
grain of wheat, swallow,
they can not encompass you,
they are weary seeking
the twin doves
that rest or fly in your breast,
they travel the distances of your legs,
they coil in the light of your waist.
For me you are a treasure more laden
with immensity than the sea and its branches
and you are white and blue and spacious like
the earth at vintage time.
In the territory,
from your feet to your brow,
walking, walking, walking.
I shall spend my life.

--Pablo Neruda, The Captain's Verses, 1952 and 1972.

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starskin December 9th, 2004
Pablo Neruda makes various parts of me shiver (in a good way).

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