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Dustin LindenSmith

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how well do you know your US states?

Via geography:


This was really fun. I got 82% with a standard error of 97 miles. Not too bad for a Canuck!

Okay, back to stats studying now.

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nobody_ December 7th, 2004
Thanks for posting that, it was fun. First time taking it, I got a 90% and a standard error of 19 miles. It's hard placing the first state exactly when you start out with a midwestern state!

jaipur December 7th, 2004
Had to try it--got at 90% with an average error of 32 miles. Luckily I'm not navigating without a map... :)

beginnermind December 8th, 2004
84%, 77 miles (damn you, Connecticut! You SOUND like you should be mid-western!). Not bad, though my old geography teacher'd skin me for it.:)

Thanks, that was fun!

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