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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Geez, calm down, buddy


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Ah, yes.

beginnermind January 25th, 2005
You're all a bunch of stupid sheep!

Be a smart sheep and follow THIS!


It's passionate, a fire in the belly. I remember being outraged over "Dark Zen" once upon a time, not long enough ago. I don't take it quite so hard anymore. Not that I can't get ticked or anything, it just isn't such a worry that the truth is so fragile anymore; many fingers, one moon.

chaizzilla January 27th, 2005
eh there's plenty of time to be calm when yer dead. anyway, another music recommendation forst thou: Mostar Sevdah Reunion - lemme know if you don't already have some & would like some.

chaizzilla January 27th, 2005
oh oh oh & Les Yeux Noirs

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