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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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my persona as a jazz musician

I've long felt that I donned a specific personality when I'm playing jazz. It comes out mainly in my speaking style, actually. I swear enough to make a proverbial sailor blush, and I tend to make a lot of forward, sexual jokes.

I'm not sure how or why I adopted that role. Those who know me in other contexts would hopefully recognize that I don't act like that in my day-to-day life. At least, hopefully not as much.

So the other night, our group was rehearsing. Our host, the pianist, had a Spanish-language travel magazine on his kitchen counter. He told us that the girl who graced its front cover was featured in a lengthy photo spread inside the magazine. As I reached the pages just previous to the article we sought, I pretended to be flummoxed by those pages being stuck together. I raised an inquiring eye to our host, and the other band members laughed. He darkened slightly, but lost no time in sending me a good-natured rebuff: "You have no shame, you know. No shame at ALL."

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kumaraka February 24th, 2005
AWESOME!!!! Nothing better than a really good joke.

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