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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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letter to marc

Yo mutha,

We should hook up by phone, man. I have way more to talk to you about than could reasonably fit into an e-mail. What's a good number and time for me to call you during the week?

My friend Jeremy tells me that he has finished recording all the tracks from his CD, and he's moving onto the final mixing and mastering stage right now. I asked him a lot about his equipment when I was in Calgary, because his living room looks like a recording studio. I may have mentioned a program called Finale that he uses as a sequencer, but did I also mention an app called Cubase?

Do you know anything about Cubase? Is that the program you were talking about in our visit to your place?

I also have some great tracks to lay down for you, man. Can I send you a CD with some new MP3s? Did you say you did, or didn't, have the full new De La record? I also have some trippy grooves from jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, of all people, from the late 80s. I don't know if they'd sample well or not; the grooves, though, are really quite lethal.


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starskin February 28th, 2005
You dirty hippie. ;)

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