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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe light

on defining limits regarding television for children

A CBC Radio documentary that aired on this morning's The Current delved into parents' rules about the TV-watching habits of their children. Having recently scaled down Z's daycare schedule to 3 days per week, I've developed a certain insight into television with children. At least, so far as she personally is concerned.

I've noticed that if I give her my undivided attention during the day, then TV is a non-issue. We're too busy doing other things to worry about whether we watch too much of it: indeed, we seldom watch it at all. Our activity list is varied but inexpensive (always a huge criterion for me), and we both enjoy each other's company a great deal.

I must admit that giving Z so much attention makes it challenging to complete the work of the household. I have to multi-task effectively while spending time with her in order to get my chores done. I give her at least 50% of my attention at all times though, and if she needs more than I'm giving, she's usually quick to point it out.

On a related note, I find raising this child to be a perfect delight. Her genuine interest in my well-being, taken with her immediate readiness to laugh and her extroverted personality, make her truly a pleasure to be with. I feel untellably lucky to be awarded this time to devote to her.

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ctiee March 3rd, 2005
Aw! You are so cute!

lordsluk March 4th, 2005
you must be a good dad :)

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