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Dustin LindenSmith

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internet archive site

A repository of web sites "as they were" back in the day:

Early pioneers on the web from the mid-90s like Amazon, Yahoo, etc.

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nobody_ March 15th, 2005
I was lucky enough as a youngster (starting around 12-14, so around 1995-1997) to have access to the Internet during the time frame of the "pioneers" site to which you link.

I remember a lot of the good information I got was from Usenet rather than the Web - Usenet being a more established form of Net communication at that point. I was really psyched that my favorite band, The Meat Puppets, had a really cool official site. I remember getting involved in a Roger Waters fan community at least by 1997. Living in a xenophobic Bible Belt town, the 'Net was a blessing as a source of information and connection.

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