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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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some kind of heaven

Geez, in case anyone was wondering, I'm doing just great here right now. Absolutely everything I'm doing at this moment is exactly what I want it to be. Good music is playing the background, I've got active writing projects open and running, and the sun is starting to poke through the clouds onto the frozen lake outside my study window.

A screenshot of my current workspace follows for the nerdier-inclined among us:

click to see larger image

Moving onto to painting prep for Z's room shortly. Some last sanding of filled cracks and holes to do, then taping and a first cutting with the primer this afternoon. We're changing her room from the nursery it once was to the little girl's bedroom it should be. The wall colour's changing from bright yellow to a lighter shade of same; the adult-level, wall-mounted bookshelves are gone in favour of a new bookcase I built yesterday; a hanging chair for reading will be installed; her clothes are moved from her diaper-changing table (which is gone) to shelves in her closet; there are new hooks she can hang her own clothes on; and I'm installing a cute blackboard on the wall as well as a new mirror at her height. I'll post pics later.