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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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acknowledgement; going with the flow

level 1

There's no reason to change the way we are. (It's impossible to do that, anyway -- at your real essence, there is no "thing" about "you" which can be changed.) I suppose one can change the way one thinks, or acts; on this plane, anyway, such that it is. But we cannot change who we are. I AM, we are.

Beyond that is nothing. Underneath all that stuff is nothing. Acknowledging that is FREEDOM!

level 2

When we find ourselves in a situation that appears at some level to need changing, positive or otherwise (take your pick of the situations; they make up the totality of the world around us), we can remind ourselves that whatever is happening, is what is supposed to be happening. There is no Other than That which I already AM. What we're looking for has always been found.

level 3

When confronted with a person or situation in our lives which is creating feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, depression, or otherwise, we can unsheath ourselves from the pain in the one instant that it takes us to remember who we really are. I AM, we remember, and the contents of the pain dissolve in an outbreath.

level 4

If you find yourself pissed off or upset about something (anything!), take a deep breath and release your attachment to your desire for Otherness. That is to say, don't be attached to your own idea of how the situation should be unfolding: just let go of your expectations of How Things Should Be and let yourself fly up high.

level 5

Relax. Take a deep breath. Chill out with me for awhile and listen to this great music.