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Dustin LindenSmith

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more on the stress created by spiritual seeking

The following entry, from someone named Kip Mazuy who runs this site, is also directly related to a couple of recent posts I've made to the nonduality community in the past couple of days. I'd post this there too, but I don't want to blitz that poor group. Since cpmcdill (a.k.a. kalemachka??) started the community a few years ago and then passed it over to me, I've not had a lot of time to devote to it. But I like posting the odd thing there now and then. I should cultivate more discussion there, though -- there are 312 members there right now!

Anyway, this entry resonates strongly with me for its expression of that oh-so-common feeling that we spiritual aspirants have which goes something like, "Oh, I have so much work to do [spiritually], I don't know how I'll ever reach the Final Attainment. If I could only be so lucky as to be in the presence of true Grace or to find a real Guru, I might be able to get a glimpse of the Ultimate Reality." I dig Kip's interpretation of this spurious sentiment (and the Buddha's, for that matter), since it strips it down to its ultimately meaningless basis: namely, that there is nothing at all which we need to seek -- whatever we need is really already here.
It is not in seeking
but in observation
where you find contentment.

In seeking,
stress is created
out of not having
what you are looking for.
There is the constant tension
in feeling incomplete,
and much energy is used up
in the looking.

Still, there is this idea
that if you can get this thing
or experience you are seeking
you will be complete.
You will be happy.

But this is just an idea.
It is a resistance
and judgment
to how you are now.

Observation requires
no energy.
You look in this moment
and simply

Right now,
close your eyes
and rest
and observe
your experience.

There is no judgment
in observation.

You are not looking for anything
to be here.

There are no epiphanies
nor beliefs
nor hypothesize to consider.

There is no thinking required.

In observation,
you are complete.

You are here
and feeling.

You, the noticing
and the present moment
are one.

And this noticing is always happening.

It is just a matter
of stopping your seeking
and observing what is here.

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Good thoughts here!

seekerofsages March 28th, 2005
Like Krishnamurti repeatedly illustrates to us
--when you see a difference between
"What is"
and "What should be"
you are in conflict.
Thinking you need to go from point "A"
to the higher, better point "B"
just reinforces the limitedness of "you" in time, space, & causation---
Thanks for this post, my friend!

Re: Good thoughts here!

iamom March 28th, 2005
Hey there, how are you??? I haven't seen you for ages!

Re: Good thoughts here!

seekerofsages March 29th, 2005

I'm very well- 'twas time to renew the LJ account, so I came back for a peek
and found such interesting stuff that,
though I need to be working in my studio every possible minute,
I cannot resist mixing with the crowd!
Zoe is so cute!

-love your posts!

(Deleted comment)
iamom March 28th, 2005
But that was years ago, and we're still dealing with the fallout.

Heh heh -- no thanks to people like me who keep bringing it up, eh? :)

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