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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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another landmark rehearsal with AST

I broke new ground in tonight's rehearsal: I played keyboards along with my horn! It was a completely beautiful experience, to say the least.

Tonight was my first time playing piano or keyboards with anybody else. I've never played keys outside of my study. I brought in my old Korg M1 and hooked it up using my very first patch cord for the very first time and plugging into the amp of our main keyboard player, Chris.

We worked out some stuff where I play backgrounds behind piano and bass solos. Behind the piano solos, I mainly play different jazz voicings (e.g. Gmi13, C7b9/#9, etc.) with a 60s funk organ or electric piano patch. Behind the bass solos, I get to play more sparsely, laying down broken bass lines or simplified groove segments in the lowest register. I'm basically living out one of my biggest musical dreams at that point, which is to play funky basslines with a drummer kickin' a live backbeat with me. Fuck, yeah.

I was a lot more psyched about this than I probably let on to the guys. Chris was totally into it, though. He encouraged me a lot, he gave me suggestions about the best patches to use for different grooves, and he taught me some of the voicings he uses for comping. I felt like a superstar up there, switching between my tenor sax and the organ. Sheeee-it. I'll almost definitely play this at our next gig at SOHO Kitchen in Halifax on Friday, April 8th.