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Dustin LindenSmith

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Rap artist THE GAME at The Halifax Forum Tuesday night

I just e-mailed this little invitation to a handful of our friends in Halifax. I'll be surprised if any of them join me, but it would be great if they did. I sort of expect to be flying solo on that gig, though.
Yo yo YO!

Brothas and sistas, check this site for deets about our man The Game, a.k.a. Jayceon Taylor (and that's pronounced "JASON", yo), representin' COMPTON and of G-UNIT fame (that's 50 Cent's first rap posse and his current hip-hop clothing label), who's playing RIGHT HERE IN HALIFAX Tuesday night!

And yo, that poster is a bit hype cuz the gig'll be at The Halifax Forum on Windsor Street (not the "Civic Centre"), and the tickets are $42.50 each. I don't especk the shit to get rollin' till 11 PM at the earliest, but you all'd be more than welcome to join me as I enjoy the show. A local DJ and turntablist called CLASSIFIED will also be opening for The Game, and he is worth seeing (and his latest album is also worth buyin', fo' REAL -- you can check that at his site here).

So hit me back with an e-mail in the morning if any a you muthas want to get down and dirty at this funky show. I'll be callin' the Forum's box office Tuesday by noon to buy my ticket, and if y'all wanna join me, I'll get one for you, too. If I miss you at the show, I'll just send you a review of what y'all missed...

Peace out from your blackest honkey around.

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starskin March 29th, 2005
You live in Hallifax? I've always wanted to go there....I hear it's lovely.

iamom March 30th, 2005
True, it is lovely, and would be all the more so with you visiting it. Do contact me if you ever find yourself in town.

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