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Dustin LindenSmith

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Does anyone know what the story is with this community? It's one of the first hits when you google zen music but there aren't any entries in the community. Detailed userinfo and profile are here.

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beginnermind April 6th, 2005
Actually, sorta. I remember oxojam from the z_w community. In fact, I THINK that Oxojamm himself is a shared journal, though I'm not sure. Anyways, he'd spout off every now and then in z_w, probably still does, about how he's all Zen and stuff because of the kind of music he plays. Improvisational jazz, as I understand it, with no constraints placed on people playing together. Sort of like everyone's doing their own thing, expressing themselves, and it comes together in a gestalt without anyone trying. Something like that, anyways, is what he's referring to as the American Jamm Method.

This method may have some merit, as improvisational jazz can be a wonderful thing, maybe a spiritual thing, but I've only had bad impressions of these guys in Zen communities. They tend to call anyone who disagrees with them names, and as far as I can tell they aren't zazen practitioners, have never been zazen practitioners, and have no respect for zazen practice.

Maybe we brush each other the wrong way is all. For me, Zen is merely short for Zazen: artforms that come out of Zen practice or inspired by Zen owe their existence to Zazen. That view seems to really annoy some people, these oxojamm folks being some of those people.:)

Anyways, no, they aren't shakuhatchi (sp?) players.

beginnermind April 6th, 2005
Oh, yeah! You ever hear the story of Gutei's Finger? This is the fellow who accused me and pretty much everyone else in the z_w community of child abuse or some junk and threatened us all over Gutei's Finger, a Zen story/koan. So I think he's a regular nutter, certainly a literalist. I was reading his stuff on child abuse and mutilation ... that's what that's about.

Yes, we did try to tell him it was a story. You can probably find the story online, it's one of the more famous Zen stories.

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