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Dustin LindenSmith

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music website updated


herbivore, I only put one track from our most recent CD on there, but remember that it's way more straight-ahead than the stuff we're doing now. That's why I put those extra tracks on there that we've been getting into lately.

If you download goodie 1, listen to the huge mind-fuck groove shift at the 1:00 mark. Oh my good God, it is ab fab. Make sure it's turned up real loud, though. The melody that Herbie comes in with around 1:45 is also stellar. He's the bloody Mozart of pop melodies, man. Goodie 2 is Miles in the 80s playing his beautiful Tutu, after Bishop Desmond. Another drop-dead gorgeous melody by another Mozart.

Goodie 3 is just a little treat called Peg from Steely Dan, circa 1976, I believe. Oh MAN, that groove is really somethin' else. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker gettin' DOWN.