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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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maps.google.com just went one further

Enter your postal code or zip code into the new satellite page on maps.google.com and you'll get a picture of your own damned house! That white patch behind us is our little lake, which is frozen in that picture but it has since melted in the past two days. Man, those guys are too much.

our house via satellite on maps.google.com

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wang1961 April 7th, 2005
I can see my kid's swingset. It's mind-blowing!

iamom April 7th, 2005
It's mind-blowing!

I KNOW!!!! Google's gonna take over the world, I swear.

vyus April 7th, 2005
and people wonder why i occasionally flip the bird at the sky.

mimesis April 7th, 2005
cool...except that it marks houses down the street from the address i search!

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