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Dustin LindenSmith

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looking out

SF was grrrreat

I really, really enjoyed hanging in San Francisco last week. We got back the night before last. B's conference took up most of her time our first few days there, so I had lots of time to explore on my own. After checking out the downtown area around Union Square and Civic Centre, I took the F line along Market Street down to Haight Street, and then walked up the whole length of Haight until I reached Golden Gate Park. The Haight area, especially near Divisadero and west of that, was definitely the most interesting and fun for me. I found a half-dozen good record stores (two of them were great, and one of them was nothing short of amazing), and had to hold myself back from spending untold amounts on records and CDs. I also dug all the neat little shops and boutiques and stuff around there. On our last day there, I found a pair of $200+ Kenneth Cole dress shoes at the Goodwill for $7.50! They fit me perfectly and had no scuffs, so I snatched them up in a hot minute.

One of the cool aspects of SF is the sheer number of neat hotels, so B and I stayed at three of them. First was The Commodore on Sutter Street (at Jones, a few west of Powell), second was The York Hotel (also on Sutter, just a couple of blocks further west and featuring live female impersonators nightly), and the third was the famous Red Victorian on Haight Street, a couple blocks east of the park. That last was definitely the highlight, and I'll write more about it and post pictures soon. We got lots of great photos throughout the trip.

And oh yeah, I almost forgot about the CARS! Jerry told me there were lots of nice cars there, but I had no idea. I saw at least two dozen Porsches, and I snapped photos of several of them. I know, B thought that was ridiculous too, but when you love the lines of those Porsches as much as I do, it's hard to hold back. I have enough car picitures to take up a separate page on our photo site, actually!

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mimesis April 20th, 2005
Amoeba! yes! i found an import, New York Noise, in the Hipster Section for less than $15!

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