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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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self-respect, warmth, and nourishment

Giving ourselves warmth and nourishment is much more than just being relaxed. It is a feeling that we can heal all our difficulties by simply letting go, letting everything be just as it is. At first we may feel very calm and peaceful, but then a voice inside us - a speaker, a judge - rises to the surface and creates disturbances, and we lose our inner silence. Let go of that judge in the back of your mind who is constantly making decisions and thinking thoughts. Within your meditation, don't think, don't act: just be open. You are not even trying to meditate. Thoughts come and feelings come ... but don't follow these bubbles. Just let all your ideas and concepts disappear by themselves without becoming involved or trapped in these fluctuating dramas.

--Tarthang Tulku, Crystal Mirror IV

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chaizzilla April 21st, 2005
everything is just as it is. how would it be otherwise?

baal_kriah April 21st, 2005
This is some of the best meditation advice I've ever read.

iamom April 23rd, 2005
Yeah man, I totally agree! The part about letting go of the judge in the back of our mind is useful advice for everyday life, too.

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