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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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riffs on nonduality and music

[coming from the perspective of a jazz musician and future hip-hop supastah]

music is the most effective non-linguistic form of communication

beyond words, music is a primal aural vibration; the first physical/discernible manifestation of OM [the self | I AM]

when we enjoy and experience music, we are enjoying and experiencing our very aural and physical ESSENCE

when we share music with one another, there arises the opportunity to make meaningful connections with one another; through music, we can share the experience of enlightenment and of our direct contact with the self


OM, the primal sound. The foundational vibrational energy from which all the notes come. All music arises directly from OM. In particular, when we engage in MUSIC PLAYED LIVE, we can share a direct experience of the self.


the beat

most music can be rendered down to its beat: its beat, its rhythm, are how we identify it as music. all good music, in whatever outward form it takes, has a beat that connects with us personally. something in the rhythm, tone or melody of a piece will reach out to us and make us react. make us move.

good music inevitably leads you to move your body or your mind. if the beat really connects with you, you might nod your head in time to it. if it's really kickin', you might get into it a little with your shoulders, too. sometimes, when you're really lucky, the groove hits you right in the chest with a low bass KAZAM! and that's when you know that everything's chillin' and you're plugged into the source.

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wickenden April 21st, 2005
yeah, man


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