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Dustin LindenSmith

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zoe looking up

analysis of a day

In the spirit of not forcing the issue of "should" too much in my life, I was thinking about what I actually do each day. In other words, a mindfulness exercise about the activities that make up a typical day for me.

20-60 minutes of hatha yoga postures and other stretching and meditation; 1-3 hours of writing (sometimes replaced or supplemented by directed reading and other research); 1-2 hours of music (sometimes listening, sometimes practicing my instruments, sometimes composing or transcribing music, sometimes doing promotion for the band); 30-60 minutes of rigorous physical activity (rigorous hiking, lifting weights, jogging, dancing); 15-30 minutes of household financial admin (entering receipts, doing the banking, etc.); and 30-90 minutes of general household tasks (cleaning and cooking, usually).

Two weekdays each week, Z stays at home with me too. On those days I try to knock off bigger household chores like the laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and washing the floors. Z digs helping me with those things (or more precisely, she likes sitting in the same room as me and watching me do those things) and then afterwards we usually go for a fun trip to the library or for a long walk with the dogs.

By default, the evenings and weekends are devoted to the whole family, the three of us. Almost all of our mealtimes are together and lots of time on the weekends, too.

[smiling to self] In other words, everything is perfect.

P.S. I also made a change to our auto insurance policy this morning that resulted in a savings of $2,700 to our annual premium! Sweeeet.