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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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This is not miracle. This is just SOFT TABS.

I get about three ads a day for Viagra or Cialis in my inbox, and for some reason, they're usually riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. This one I got last night really cracked me up, though:
Cialis Soft Tabs: perfect feeling of being men again.
Starts working within just 15 minutes.

Info Site

You take a candy and get hard rock erection.
This is not miracle. This is just Soft Tabs.
You take a candy and get hard rock erection? Do they mean hard rock like Metallica? Black Sabbath? Van Halen? What the hell!

And the URL for that "Info Site" is also totally cooked -- looks like some gibberish that my 3-year-old would type: http://ahimbcdfjk.longpleasure.info/?eglxssryahimzctbcdfjk. I don't know what the friggin' deal is with these messages. Are they even trying to sell anything?

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vyoma May 13th, 2005
I think it means you eat the candy, get an erection, and then Ozzy Osbourne shows up and bites off the head. Rock on!

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