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Dustin LindenSmith

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Jesus is back online again

Apparently the username jesus recently became available again after LJ deleted a bunch of old dead accounts. As brad just pointed out, they're off to a good start.

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vyoma May 13th, 2005
Cool! I finally got to ask Him a question I've always wanted to ask... what do I say to Him if He sneezes?

baal_kriah May 13th, 2005
"Bless yourself" seems like the obvious route.

vyoma May 13th, 2005
That just seems redundant. Why would Jesus need blessing? I suppose I could say, "Go bless Yourself." I'm waiting to hear it from the Holy Horse's mouth, though.

jjjiii May 14th, 2005
It kindof bugs me that they delete inactive journals. I'd kindof hoped that I'd leave a historical document for sociologists to pore over a few thousand years from now.

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