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Dustin LindenSmith

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not for the faint of heart

Monday mornings are sometimes kinda tough for me. Since my weekends are always jam-packed with family activities (and this one even more than usual), Mondays are sometimes like a day of rest for me. Mondays are the days I wind down from the weekend and get back into my groove.

So today, I was doing my regular Monday morning thing where I stumble around the web for a half hour or so and soak up some net culture that's targeted to my interest profile and the stumbled sites I've indicated that I like. And I come across a blog by this chick named Natalie Dee, and near as I can tell she's a hot, funny writer like grammardog who does some good stream of consciousness stuff that's pretty funny to read. She also does these thick line-art drawings that are fun to look at (this desktop picture of the sun made me laugh).

Anyway, her blog is called dairyland (which I imagine is a spoof on the diaryland blogger) and while browsing her archives after reading some of her advice column, I couldn't help but click on the link for the entry called "the dangerous panties." In the vein of the great spoonfeeding's sex talk (who describes her method of soiling panties for online sale in her userinfo), this entry first made me laugh at the outrageousness of it, but by the end made me kind of sick to my stomach.

So like I say, it's not for the faint of heart. But worth it if you're up for it!

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millennialhippy May 16th, 2005
Natalie Dee is a Friend/Cheap Alternative of Toothpastefordinner. I trust you've been there as well? I'm addicted. =)

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