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Dustin LindenSmith

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good physical IP address locator

I might just not be technically adept enough, but in the past, when I've tried to find the physical location (e.g. city) of a given IP address, I haven't had much luck. Then I heard a term called "reverse DNS lookup" and went on to find the following site, which makes it a piece of cake:


Just so you know.

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baal_kriah May 17th, 2005
I've been using that site for years. There is also a good IP lookup provided through IANA, but it sometimes regquires looking in several different databases.

arcitizen July 23rd, 2009
Thanks for giving this information. I am searching for how to change the ip address. and also i found a website for chk the ip address from ip-details.com at a free of cost.

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