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Dustin LindenSmith

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burnin' it at both ends...

...and loving it. Went out to see Halifax-based hip-hop group Universal Soul tonight at The Marquee and got a big eyeful of all the beautiful people from the province-wide basketball tournament post-game party (can you say goofy-looking white dude surrounded by 25 lanky black dawgs 6'6" and higher, all being purred and fawned over by twice as many tricked-out women in filmy too-short dresses and dripping with sweat?). I just got back at 1:30 AM (I left when things were just starting to get hot), and at 8:45 AM this morning (in just over 7 hours -- that's not too bad) I'm running in a 10K road race across the bridge from Halifax to Dartmouth.

Now please allow me to disabuse you pre-emptively of the notion that this will be a great achievement. Granted, it should be notable if for no other reason than this 100-mm heavy rainfall warning with wind gusts from 60-80 kph by late morning (luckily for me I have a low centre of gravity and don't stand much chance of being blown off the bridge); however, my dear wife, she of the jackrabbit running stance and lean, muscular runner's bod, will be running the half-marathon (21 km / 13 mi) and is trying, as so many are wont to do, to beat her previous personal best time. (Jerry's step-daughter is also running the half tomorrow.)

I have the modest goal of finishing my portion in 90 minutes or less. I'll try to take some pictures, and will also try to snap Jo crossing the finish line (something I've yet to do properly in either of her past two races).