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Dustin LindenSmith

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yesterday's run

Well it was exciting if nothing else. We arrived at the Halifax Metro Centre at 8:30, with my 10K run slated to start at 8:45 and B's half-marathon scheduled for 9. But the high winds had closed the bridge, which necessitated a course change for the 10K and the full marathon. So they postponed the start time until 10 AM, moved the start line inside the Metro Centre, and everything went otherwise as planned.

I totally enjoyed myself -- 10 km was definitely the farthest I could have run comfortably yesterday, but I still had enough juice left at the end to sprint out the last 200 metres or so until the finish line. The rain was heavy, the wind was insane, and the new 10K race route included an enormous kilometre-long hill that wasn't on the route before, but even with all that stuff I finished in 1:18. Not nearly fast enough to be considered a serious runner, but well under my goal time of 1:30, so I was pretty happy. I couldn't have done it without my MP3 player, though. Rage Against The Machine got me started and I crossed the finish line to some funky grooves from Herbie. I think I enjoyed the music I was listening to as much as the race itself.

My knees are a little sore today and my legs are fairly stiff (I probably should have stretched a half-hour longer than I did), but apart from that I feel basically fine. B's half-marathon was brutal by her account, but running with her friend and training partner made the time pass more quickly and she still got in a great time of 1:55. Conditions definitely affected peoples' times though, because the full marathon winner only completed in 2:58, which is unheard of in a competitive race like this one. (Of course, the 10K winner completed in 38 minutes, which kinda blows my mind a little. That's just under twice as fast as me!)

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awesboss May 24th, 2005
I was thinking about you. Glad you completed it in a decent time. B did great. I was happy sitting in my room looking out the window at the miserable weather. Next year I'm gonna do the half corner store. You walk half way to the corner store.

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