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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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rehearsal + recording tonight

We laid down a handful of tracks, I think 4 separate tunes (some with multiple takes), tonight. I have Adam's DAT machine here at home with me and my job tomorrow is to connect it to my computer and convert the DAT tape recording to separate WAV files. That should be fun -- I've never done that before.

From a personal perspective, I find it difficult to listen back to myself in recordings. It's so easy to screw up an improvised solo and so hard to nail it. I want it to be authentic improvisation (i.e. I don't like to play pre-rehearsed licks), but I also want it to be perfect, full of energy and intensity and with a great big huge sound. I want the listener to stop what they're doing for a minute and say to themselves, "Damn! Listen to that horn player blow! He's really cuttin' it up right there."

And of course before all that I want there to be a perfect groove, a perfect beat. (Once a true and good groove is in place, I've noticed that it becomes easier to play funky over top of it.) That's all I want, really. Nothing short of perfection in the groove. No biggie.