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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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zoe looking up

keepin' it real

"You've climbed many mountains in search of the Dharma. Rowed many boats hoping to catch the other shore. So many long hours sitting, breathing, breathing...

The gravity of Emptiness and the profundity of Non-Conceptuality make for heavy baggage, no?

Here! I've picked you a bunch of wildflowers. Their meaning is the same but they're much easier to carry."

--Hsu Yun (an old hag)
Our band just played a pretty good show at a restaurant called Soho. Drinks and a meal are included with our pay, but it was so hot that I only drank water and I could only finish half my dinner. We did, however, have a good time playing.

When I studied jazz music at McGill University, I remember learning that a band only develops its own sound after it has performed in public a number of times. This is our third gig in as many weeks and our repertoire is definitely coming together in a good way.

We had also intended to record tonight's show, but a snafu arose with the mixer board and alas, it was not possible. We'll record our next rehearsal again though, just for practice, and I might use this technique to record some jazz Christmas arrangements for that idea I've had about a jazz Christmas CD since last Christmas. If we have some nice demo cuts of good arrangements, I'd like to see if some label (or maybe even CBC) would record it professionally for us and allow us to distribute it this Christmas season.

My main musical objective with the band right now is to tighten up our arrangements; our sense of time (or at least, the tempos for each tune); and the grooves. There was a few moments tonight when we were all locked into the same groove, but those were rarer than you might like.

See, when the groove locks in for a whole set (or at least a few tunes in a row), something quite transcendental occurs. At least it does with me. The music just lightens up, detaches itself from us, and floats up on its own breath of air. Not unlike a soap bubble you blow for your little girl in the backyard: you focus your energy on it, you watch it grow and take shape, and then you let it go to lift off on its own and float the way it's designed to float.

every subsequent moment unfolds as it should