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Dustin LindenSmith

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looking out

I feel like I could have written parts of this myself

In a recent Nondual Highlights, Jerry included an autobiographical essay by Guy Smith, an author of a new book called This is Unimaginable and Unavoidable: Irresponsible writings on non-duality (more book info here).

The excerpts Jerry has posted from the book recently have been good, but this mini-bio by the author really resonated with me. The whole essay can be read on the NDHighlights page I linked to above, but the part I liked the most was the following excerpt:
Now (May 2005)

There is a general sense or quality that might be described as 'settled well-being', 'relaxed, rounded content', and 'assuredness' that tends to be present often. There is some social awkwardness to do with seeing the misconceived premises on which so much common conversation is based, and not feeling able or willing (sometimes) to participate in this, play along with this. There is awareness of a number of uncomfortable emotional and behavioural tendencies that are hangovers from false beliefs of the past - mild shyness, for example. There is also a current uncomfortable heightened sensitivity to the illusion of social power-relations - I mean the endless instances of casting and being cast in different roles, in different narratives, with all the limitations, imprisonments and frustrations of this. There is an impassioned yet calm concern with dissipating dreamy beliefs about being a limited person, revealing this liberation that is, in order that there be more happiness, understanding and constructive, intelligent operating within the appearance of life. This is not, however, anything to do with nonduality; nothing has anything to do with nondualty; this is purely what might be cautiously called something like 'a particular response to a particular caring human emotion here'. There is a tendency to 'go with' a certain 'ease' or 'softness' or 'suppleness' that is felt, in terms of 'decision-making'. Currently, there is a strong, clear sense of 'how my time is to be spent now and during the next few months', though equally there is a readiness, a receptivity, for other possibilities, other projects. There is the writing of a novel involved in exploration of intimacy as the crudest, fuzziest dualistic perception, which is partly a function of a desire to express nonduality outside of the established "nondualistic community". Several other reasonably clearly envisioned writing projects are also lining up. However, like I say, I am wide open to and indeed keen to be involved in anything and everything to do with this. If there is interest, if there are requests, it is highly likely that this expression will present itself orally, possibly (and possibly not) sometime soon.