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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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the thunderstorm rages

The thunder struck as I approached the house returning home from a walk with the dogs. The skies didn't open until just after I had retreated inside. The dogs escaped to their doghouse and I'm in a nest at my desk. It's 12 noon, but the sky is so dark outside that I need to turn on the lights inside.

The light in the forest just now was lush, dark. At a confluence of two paths, there was sufficient foliage that a full green ceiling of leaves closed the arch over our heads. It created a unique ambience of being inside at the same time as being outside.

Jerry Katz just hooked me up with this blog, which seems to come from a Ken Wilber kind of place yet also involves hip-hop music. (?)
Hip-Hop music represents all three modes of experiencing the All. An MC’s lyrical arrangement is largely based on analogy, metaphor, and simile where the content of the song is relayed as a connection to other things, events, places, people, or modes of thought. This helps a listener associate with the MC through things that take place in their life, but in a way that is relevant enough to see the association in their own lives.

from this post, authored by Justin Miles
Jerry has asked me if there's a connection between hip-hop's "diunital awareness" as described in this article and the spiritual aspects of jazz music. In other words, he has asked for my opinion on the convergence of three vital forces in my life: jazz, hip-hop, and spirituality.

Heh - it shall be my pleasure to open up this topic with him. Would be a most worthy entry into the discussion, imho.