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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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having some good writing days; reflecting on the creative process

I've made some palpable progress with my crime story this week, but nothing I'm ready to share with anyone yet. As I worked on it today, I visualized the crafting of a sort of moulded vessel with my words. As the story takes shape, I find myself thinking of it as a living being, growing flesh. Slowly it's expanding into a piece of art in itself, waiting for someone to read and appreciate it.

Christ, that sounds flaky. Sounds like New-Age bullshit, really. But I actually do think of it that way. It's sort of what I think about all creative artistic endeavour, really: it's a sort of tactile expression of our connection with the divine, with our true nature. Some of the quilts that grammardog has been posting about lately also reflect this reality to me (like this one or these ones). As does wickenden's imagery of food and drink and vyoma's macro photography of the natural world, and aldoushuxley's observations about the economy. These are all transcendental art forms in themselves, and I appreciate them deeply.

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grammardog August 25th, 2005
Aw. Thanks for the propz. I wish I could take credit for that second link.

Good luck with further writing.

starskin August 26th, 2005
Boo! Shameless camera-whoring

Congratulations on your writing process going so well. I need to figure out where you get your mojo.

chaizzilla September 1st, 2005
is this the tomboy-boss story? the bit of it i saw (on your blog?) didn't say who got killed for what, acherlly i'm not sure it explicated what you were in jail for. of course murder mysteries start with a dead protagonist, that's why people like them, so i'm assuming she either is killed or walks off into the sunset with something of yours... is there more of it around?

iamom September 2nd, 2005
That's the one, and there's lots more of it on my hard drive, but no more of it online yet. I'll be posting it up there when I have a final draft ready though, which I hope will be within weeks. I'm on vacation right now in Calgary so I won't be able to work on it too much until I get back later in Sept.

chaizzilla September 2nd, 2005
that's "I won't be able to work on it too much until I get back later in Sept, SIR"

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