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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(no subject)

Sometime around 1977, I started to feel like there has only been one day. I have felt like I've been living the same day over and over again ever since then.

There really does seem to be only one day, one moment, one point of existence. The Now. What seems like a moving target as time progresses from one moment to the next, but what is really just all that there is in the whole universe. The moving is our own minds' projection onto the screen. The movement is what we use as a frame of reference, since we don't all have the intuition to walk through it without looking.

Unwitting metaphors, and continuation of Truth:

N (sometime before 1970): Before all beginnings, after all endings, I am.
G (about 8 hours ago): I am the wind. I was the wind before I arrived here, and I'll return to being the wind after I leave.

N (still sometime before 1970): The real does not die; the unreal never lived.
F (about 16 hours ago): Everything is God - everything. There has never been anything here other than God.