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Dustin LindenSmith

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Michael Moore on Katrina aid

This article by Moore discusses what he and some of his staff have begun to do to help out in New Orleans, including the coordination of useful efforts with other aid groups in the area. Some of his recent posts have been, as could be expected, scathing in their criticism of Bush and his cronies for their lack of effective response in Katrina's aftermath. In any event, I always appreciate hearing about good stuff that's being done on the ground in situations like this.

On a sort of related note, interdictor's LJ is still up and running, and I think he's still holed up in the same data center in New Orleans and I think he also still has a live web cam showing what's up where he's at.

One of the things that makes me saddest is the animals who are suffering as a result of the storm. FYI, this news release from the International Fund for Animal Welfare describes some ongoing efforts; Petfinder.com has an established search and rescue effort here; and this animal rescue org has posted a wish list of needed items here.