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Dustin LindenSmith

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racing videos

I've just found a substitute for racing games. It's watching in-car videos of racing, courtesy of Google's video search engine. Here are some of the highlights I've found, most of which made my palms sweat within seconds.

Motorcycle vs rush-hour traffic
There's not much to say about this except that this guy is nuts. And very exciting to watch.

Tuned Toyota Supra in pursuit of a Porsche 911 GT2
This one is wild -- they routinely drive at speeds of more than 160 mph, and the clip ends when the Supra driver exits the interstate after spotting a police helicopter following them overhead.

Intense rally-car action in a Peugeot
This driver is fantastic; I can't believe how hard he pushes this little car, and his technique is flawless.

911 GT3 drifts
Gorgeous drifts and in-car views of the race-ready stock Porsche that doesn't offer traction control as a factory option.

911 GT3 on the Nurburgring
A ferocious full circuit of one of Germany's most legendary road race courses (apart from the Autobahn, of course)

911 GT3 at Nordschleife
Another circuit in a GT3 at another of Germany's famed courses, but this driver is a monster, and drives exactly the way I'd want to if I had that car.

Rally-car highlights
Some truly amazing rally-car race footage + some incredible spills and rolls

Evo drift
Nice hard drift in Mitsubishi's fastest sport compact

Rally-car racing
Excellent driving on a dirt course that includes the navigator's instructions (the navigator's the passenger in all rally-car events, and he calls out the degree and direction of each upcoming curve -- a critical component to every rally race)

From the Gumball, I think
The Gumball is a modern-day version of the Cannonball Run, and this footage shows police evasions and more in this high-speed cross-country race

Stock car racing, in-car
Good in-car footage of a stock car race

Motorcycle road race in Germany
Beautiful banks and accelerations in this clip

911 C4 on a skidpad
Some nice technical work around the pylons by driver Terry Riedel in a 4WD Porsche 911 Carrera 4

How to kill a Porsche 911
Sacrilige to me and also hard to watch, but still entertaining in the end

Motorcycle track racing
Miscellaneous footage on the track

Rally-car technique
In-car footage of US rally champion Leon Styles' driving technique -- fun to watch

Brett Wolfe, mountain biker
Brett Wolfe is a one-legged mountain bike racer who has completed La Ruta de los Conquistadores twice: a 300-mile, 24,000-foot climb mountain bike race in Costa Rica.