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Dustin LindenSmith

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looking out

weblog usability design errors

My favourite website usability guru Jakob Nielsen (handsome guy, ain't he?) just published a good article about usability design errors in weblogs. Obviously these guidelines aren't pertinent to people whose blogs are mainly for personal consumption, but I found them to be helpful tips when considering how to lay out more promotional-style weblogs. From his article, his list of Top 10 Design Mistakes in Weblog Usability is as follows:
1. No Author Biographies
2. No Author Photo
3. Nondescript Posting Titles
4. Links Don't Say Where They Go
5. Classic Hits Are Buried
6. The Calendar Is The Only Navigation
7. Irregular Publishing Frequency
8. Mixing Topics
9. Forgetting That You Write For Your Future Boss (ooh, that's a good one)
10. Having A Domain Name Owned By A Weblog Service
It's funny, because last week I updated the front page of my LJ with some of these ideas unwittingly in mind. Increasingly, I find myself aware of how I present myself through my blog. It's so easy to find it on Google that I find myself thinking of it as a personal greeting card or something.

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millennialhippy October 17th, 2005
Great timing on the tips, I was just thinking about this, literally a second before I read your entry.

chaizzilla October 17th, 2005
"usability"'s getting pretty expansive as an idea... #1 & #2 seem more like the sort of thing if someone wants them in there, they'll put them in there

chaizzilla October 26th, 2005
btw nielsen is cute enough, but people say i have wierd taste. i know what i like enough to know it's pretty rare and for the most part i won't find it in the vessels of visual similarity. would that it did work that way.. :)

en fait..

chaizzilla October 26th, 2005
these two are pretty romantic even, not that he could have possibly been aiming for such a thing:


Re: en fait..

iamom October 27th, 2005
Oh, goodness. You're scaring me now, C.

Re: en fait..

chaizzilla October 28th, 2005
no worries, i'm still all about robert the bruce in gibson's braveheart & rufus sewell in dark city as long as everyday reality gets handed to serfs or something. mr.jakob just seems a bunch more romantic & fun as well as equipped to deal with existence.

Re: en fait..

chaizzilla October 28th, 2005
robert the bruce = angus macfayden, i couldn't remember how it was spelled

gabriel byrne too of course. who is probably also not as fun as nielsen.

i wrote this but didn't get around to sending it right before bed and actually had a good dream, i'm pretty sure anyway, the movie was blurry and vague as usual but i think i was enjoying myself in another place and time, and i woke up thinking about being carried across a river by the main guy in ogniem i mieczem... huh!

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