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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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the music is the mantra

There's always a musical groove playing in my head. I've recently become aware of that. No matter what I'm doing, there's always some sort of beat or melody playing in the background of my mind.

I've come to think of this ever-present music in my brain as a cort of recurring mantra. I become aware of the beat, I become aware of the music, I become aware that I AM.

I am (bop - bop) I am.

I am (bop - bop) I am.

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grammardog November 7th, 2005
That's really interesting. I always have some kind of rhythm or pattern going on in my head, but it's rarely musical in nature. If I've been quilting a lot, I'll be "quilting" in my head while I read, or sometimes it's a little more abstract, like my head will take apart the pattern on wallpaper, and put it back together in new ways. It's going on almost all the time but never gets in the way of my primary task, nor am I ever really aware of it.

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