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Dustin LindenSmith

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moby's list of top 10 slow R&B songs

From what I can tell, this list comes from one of moby's seldom-written musical entries (links: his blog | LJ feed). Most of what he writes is political in nature.

From the following list by moby, I haven't heard at least half of these tunes.
otis redding 'i've been loving you too long'

teddy pendergrass 'love tko'

the flamingoes 'i only have eyes for you'

al green 'for the good times'

roberta flack 'first time ever i saw your face'

roxy music 'spin me round'

dusty springfield 'i just can't make it alone'(not sure about the title of this one, actually...)

brooke benton 'rainy night in georgia'

bobby blue 'if loving you is wrong'

simply red 'if you don't know me by now'(ok, i know...simply red...it might sound
like heresy, but their version of this song is great)

the chi-lites 'oh girl'

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dizziedumb November 9th, 2005
on related subject: i got the dead presidents' soundtrack this weekend, and it's awesome.

"i've been loving you too long" ..boy does that take me back.

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