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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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personal hip-hop playlist now online

I just figured out how to put an MP3 playlist of my selections online. This mix is full of funky, bassy hip-hop grooves if you're in the mood for that kind of thing. The ID3 tags should be working if you want to know who's on each track. None of them are my own band.


I've been having very little luck ripping low-res MP3s with Exact Audio Copy, but I need to figure out a solution for that soon because these high-quality, 5-15 MB MP3 files are rapidly filling up the 1 GB of web hosting space allocated to my personal domain.

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essence November 8th, 2005
that's awesome, how'd you do it???

iamom November 8th, 2005
Easier than I thought. After uploading all the MP3s to my website, I created a Winamp playlist using the "Add Location" method (i.e. as opposed to "Add File" or "Add Directory"). To add each MP3 to the playlist, I copied and pasted its full URL from my site. Then I exported the playlist as a .M3U file and uploaded that to my site. When someone clicks on the M3U playlist link, it spawns their media player of choice and plays through the MP3s referred to on the site.

Shoutcasting, what I originally thought I wanted to do, involves a significant investment of technical effort, in my opinion. And unless you run a high-bandwidth internet connection into your house, you can't broadcast to more than 5-10 people at a time.

(Anonymous) November 8th, 2005
I beleive wma files are quite a bit smaller than mp3's... But I don't know how cross platform they are.


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