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delete bush?

interracial dating guide books

This is too funny, because I know two interracial couples who fit these books exactly. First, for the couple comprised of an Asian man and Caucasian woman, How To Date A White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men. And second, for the couple comprised of a Caucasian man and an Asian woman (the wife playfully teases her husband that he had yellow fever when he pursued her), How To Attract Asian Women.

I really can't believe these books have been written. The reviews are also hilarious.

P.S.: The Asian guy in the aforementioned couples came back to me later with two great hits for me: this book and that one, both on the topic of internet addicts and how to help them. I had to admit touché. :)

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mimesis November 12th, 2005
"wow, it helped me even though, i'm not asian. i was never, one to go outside my house. I didn't knjow much of whats in this book. Now i'm dating a super model, well at least that waht she says she is."

"I gave this book to a friend who needed some help and the "step-by-step guide" provided in this tome is anything but. In many cases he found the steps to be nebulous, ambagious, and even geared towards the derelict reader. The book, as a whole, was definitely not multifarious. I would not extol this literary work."

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