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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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statement of purpose

Our intent is to take all that is good and beautiful about funk and hip-hop music and play it with live musicians. Our objective is to play in the pocket at all times; to lock up the beat and the bass and then to kick it.

The beat, the beat, the groove that's tight
That's the kind of music that we play all night
We get into the jam, and we do what we can
to play the fundamental beats from on up inside

The beat, the beat, the groove is tight
Kick the mothafuckin bass into the light
That's the kinda music that we like to hear
We get up into the beats, and we go down for the night

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(Deleted comment)
iamom November 29th, 2005
Yeah man, I have that album and I listen to it a lot. YOu heard the new Danger Mouse record, The Mouse and the Mask? It's also amazing.

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